Save the Wakefield Steam Train

It is now or never – help us raise the funds required to bring this iconic steam train back to its home in Wakefield, Quebec! Your donation will ensure that this “steam age gem” is returned to its home in the Gatineau Valley!

It has been six years since the HCW Steam Train ran to Wakefield and back, when stopped by track washouts between Chelsea and Hull. A calamitous storm caused millions of property damage and has kept the “P’tit train à vapeur” from leaving the depot. To the many thousands of passengers that have experienced a train journey along the exquisite Gatineau river, and the slow passage through the centre of the picturesque Wakefield Village, or a special gastronomic experience on the “sun-downer special” – the loss of this iconic Outaouais tourist attraction was devastating!

Attempts continue to find new investors but it is now or never to move the steam train back home to Wakefield. All the equipment is owned by the local, not-for-profit Compagnie de chemin de fer de l’Outaouais (CCFO). This campaign is to finance relocation by road. Our objective is that locomotive “909” with two of its carriages will be given a second life as part of a Gatineau Valley heritage rail display! Can we do it? You bet – Wakefield volunteers organized and re-built its precious red covered bridge!

This railway has served the valley communities for over 100 years and helped build the settlements and economy. The “909” will stand ready to operate again as part of an informative heritage display. This move will buy us time to work towards launching the only operational steam train active in Quebec!

To donate visit the Wakefield Steam Train crowdfunding page.