Wakefield, Quebec is an artists paradise. Many area residents take their inspiration through the regions rolling hills, rivers and calm connection with nature. From painting, to pottery and ceramics, glass art, woodworking and mixed media, Wakefield’s local artists have something to offer everyone. Most of these artists work out of their home, so it is best to contact them before visiting.


Denise Coker

Denise was born at Hampton Court, England and completed art studies with Erdmann Konig in Munich, Germany. Her paintings in oil and acrylic and more recently the painted textile constructions have been exhibited extensively, both in Canada and abroad. Her work is currently held in private collections in Spain, Germany, Australia, England, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

Nathalie Coutou

Nathalie Coutou was born in 1972 in a small village near Joliette, Quebec where she inherited a rich cultural background. Nathalie is the daughter of Ginette Boucher, who is of Aboriginal descent, and Claude Coutou who hailed originally from France. As a little girl, she was given the freedom to explore her imagination and was inspired by her father’s artistry and her mother’s enduring joy. Painting soon became her way to honour and express the beauty of her mixed heritage.

John Eaton

John Eaton’s paintings are inspired by the natural forces which surround us: water, air, fire and earth. They are all used to express the artist’s thoughts about both the unity and uniqueness of these elements and they ways they relate to animals and humans. Movement, volume and rhythm are all qualities particular to John Eaton’s work. His paintings exude a kind of sober aestheticism where colours are discreet, yet they are rendered sensual and voluptuous through their luminosity and palpable quality.

Iris Kiewiet

Born in Dokkum, the Netherlands 1974, Iris grew up in the youngest province, the polders called Flevoland.  Her parents originate from the island Ameland, with generations going back, of farmers and sailors. This resourceful entrepreneur family tree, formed the base for Iris’ artistic career; ‘My hands just know.’ Art studies and the first self employed years, she spent both in Rotterdam and Groningen, with additional traveling abroad. In 2004, a 5 month journey through Canada, guided her towards a new way of understanding the art of painting.

Lise Pageau

Art is about beauty, timeless beauty, taking a snapshot of nature’s beauty, of life itself, and freezing it in time. Everywhere, in nature and in life, provides inspiration of shape, colour and feelings. With her art, Lise tries to rediscover the world around us by interpreting what nature so generously rewarded us with. She paints so that she may capture what she feels at that point in time, and hope that others be reminded, even just for a moment that, what surrounds us is beautiful.

Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson lives and makes art in a little house nestled in the woods and fields of the Rupert Valley. His work reflects his love of nature. His vision of sky, hills and trees resides in him and is reverently transposed into surreal paintings in acrylic, watercolour and ink.

Derek’s home, a joy to visit, is filled with paintings and is alive with the light and colour of the outdoors.

 Pottery & Ceramics

Anne Creskey

Specializing in wood-fired pottery. Anne’s cups, teapots, bowls and vases are full of subtle differences, touched in a different way by the flames. Even the wood itself takes a hand in deciding what the final colour and glaze will look like. Organic seems an over-used word these days but wood fired pottery is certainly that.

Kate Douglas

Kate Douglas’ work is expressed through line drawing on hand sculpted and thrown, porcelain forms. Kate has been working, teaching and making for the past decade in both England and France, but has recently returned to her home grounds of Chelsea. Kate studied mixed media, creative writing and studio ceramics at Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson B.C. She enjoys applying both narratives and simple flowing line to her work.

Carrie Leavoy

Carrie Leavoy is the wheel behind Mud Pies Pottery. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and has been following a carreer in clay since 1991. Though she has been trained in many forms of visual arts, including painting and drawing, clay has become her passion. Her work is described as subtle, earthy and asian influenced. She presently focuses on tea bowls, textured glazes, wall art and custom tile work for kitchens, bathrooms, around doorways and fireplaces.

Raymond Warren

Raymond simply tries to give shape to clay, fire, Man and life; knowing that they are fragile as well as eternal.

Jewellery & Glass Art

Robert Moeller

Robert’s fused glasswork creations incorporate metal, paper, mica, fossil-like ashprints and ocean life imagery. His work speaks to the fragility of the elements that sustain life and the interdependence of all living things. Robert also explores the details & designs of nature through macrophotography. He creates montages that celebrate the colours that accompany the changing seasons and nature’s beauty on a smaller scale.

Janice Moorhead

Janice Moorhead, an honours graduate from the University of Ottawa’s Visual Arts program in 1979, is presently well known across Canada for her glass art. This glass work is entirely unique for two reasons. The first is her vision….her approach to glass has always been through the eyes of a “painter”. Secondly, and most importantly, is her technique….a “layering” procedure which she developed in 1985. The body of work created over the past 21 years can best be described as an extraordinary blend of visual aesthetics and narrative.


Phil Daniels

Handcrafted ARTistic Furniture. Phil is building different pieces for the pleasure of creativity. He is applying his knowledge of antique reproductions and furniture making in a new direction of creativity. He blends dyes, glass and wood, shapes and form and letting his idea’s and imagination form unique furniture. Phil does some different colours to stimulate peoples imagination, to show what non traditional coloured furniture can do to a room. He builds artistic outdoor structures, fences and furniture, bending wood and using natures natural shapes to create beautiful forms.

Oliver Drake

Oliver Drake is a professional woodworker based in Chelsea, Quebec. A graduate of the cabinet making program at RTC in Montreal (1999) he has worked until recently in England and France, combining his love for antique restoration with a passion for contemporary design. His specialty is finely crafted furniture using ethically sourced wood and sustainable timber drawn from local woodlots.

Cheryl Evans

Rustic furniture maker, with 18 years of experience and expertise, Cheryl Evans creates birch bark and natural twig designs. Providing for a wide range of clientele who want to purchase a functional, natural handcrafted rustic inspired design. Distinctive collection of rustic home décor, furnishings and accents – garden art and woven willow sculptural works. Workshops on design and construction give a participant the opportunity to express creativity, enjoyment, achieve self-fulfillment, while learning a traditional skill from a well-organized and competent instructor.

Glen Foster

Glen Foster has been designing and creating furniture in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec (Canada) for twenty years. His work has found places in many homes, and is celebrated for the fine craftsmanship and beauty of proportion and form. Recent influences are found in the work of George Nakashima, through the use of live-edge forms, and James Krenov, with his separation of lower and upper elements, as well as his strict attention to the selection of woods for the specific project at hand. Glen builds furniture of his own design, and also takes on many custom orders from clients.

Hugh Stewart

Hugh Stewart and his team at Headwaters Canoes have been building custom cedar canvas canoes for over 30 years. Their canoes are strong, seaworthy, exceptionally responsive to the paddle and soothing to the human spirit. They are for people to use seriously, whether paddling at the cottage, or travelling remote rivers and lakes of the North.

Mixed Media

C.J. Fleury

C.J. Fleury’s path investigates the human spirit, public space, social engagement and media. Over the past 2 decades, almost all of her work has been large-scale, public and inclusive. Maybe you’ve seen CJ’s art at Heritage College , or the 15 granite, bronze and stainless steel pieces along Preston Street or maybe you’ve laid a rose at the foot of the Women’s Monument Against Violence. That 1992 experience radically altered her approach to art-making and led to other groundbreaking collaborations with legal and anti-poverty activists.

Michael Kinghorn

As an artist Michael is primarily self taught. He has been exploring the use of found objects since 1987. In the early 1990’s, Michael started blacksmithing on a small exploratory scale in Toronto and later spent a year in Lithuania apprenticing with blacksmiths. In 1995, he established hid studio in Wakefield, Quebec and has been making things ever since. Casting and Mold making course (2012) – In this course he learned how to make a variety of molds using different methods and materials.

Nathalie Poirier

Nathalie was born in Hovestadt, Germany and was raised in Canada. As the child of military family, she was able to develop a strong sense of independence and adaptation which she likes to think has influenced her art as her deep love of the unknown and the unseen. She has an undeniable passion for directness in day to day life as well as in her art and drawing. Nathelie loves to use line and form to express movement and change, for as in life we constantly find ourselves in a state of movement.

Marc Walter

Marc is an artist who created for a long time mixed media works; he reoriented his practice to environmental art in 2004. Particularly prolific in his field, he won in 2007 the Grand prix d’excellence de la Fondation pour les arts, les lettres et la culture en Outaouais. Marc has taken part in over 80 solo and group exhibitions both in galleries and in the context of outdoor nature art events.